Meet the Crew



Ben Matheny             director, producer, actor

Ben came to New Orleans in 2007 to turn his life long passion for film into his career, and has been living  the dream ever since. Lousiana Film and Video magazine calls him “one of the most recognizable faces in Louisiana Film.”



William bio photo


Will Addison             writer, director, editor

Forged from the enigmatic cornfields of rural Illinois, Will studied media arts in Germany at the Hamburg School of Applied Sciences and received a film degree from the University of New Orleans.





Alex Aaron       writer, director, producer

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Alex has been living and making movies in New Orleans since 2006.  He’s currently an MFA candidate at the University of New Orleans where he has written and directed four films.  He has been called one of the most recognizably bearded men in New Orleans.




Ben Samuels tumbnail

Ben Samuels       producer, editor & VFX, cinematographer

Having completed his BA in film at UNO, Ben finds work in all different areas of creative film making. With a strong interest in dark comedies, animating, and VFX, it’s certain something off the wall and fun will be brought to the table with Ben on the project. He recently received “Best Editing” for EFI’s 1st place winning short film made for the 2014 Mississippi 48Hr Film Contest.


Ben Maner              cinematographer, editor, after effects guru

Leaving the back mining hills of Alabama for New Orleans six years ago, Ben has doggedly pursued a career in filmmaking. Since graduating from the University of New Orleans with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Arts, Ben has worked steadily in the industry on large and small scale productions.





Jeff Bruno                  editor, animator, cinematographer

Born and raised in NOLA, Jeff has been making cartoons and comic strips since he was young, and stubbornly insists on doing so until he is old.






Brandon Melancon        production designer,  special effects, producer

Our personal MacGuyver meets mad scientist, Brandon  is a New Orleans artist who started his film career in 2008.  He loves to make art with any and all mediums, but filmmaking is his passion.  





bethany efi pic

Bethany Jones                 producer, website & graphic designer, marketer

Originally from Texas, Bethany Jones moved to New Orleans in 2007 to pursue an English degree at the University of New Orleans. Since graduating with honors in 2011, she has become a spine sales rep, an office manager of four start ups, a graphic designer, a website designer, and is currently a direct response content marketer.  She is passionate about helping others and is especially interested in designing solutions to help improve quality of life.







Jordan Prince         musician, actor, composer

Even before his move to New Orleans in 2009, Jordan was writing music like it was his last day on Earth. Once in NOLA, he found an outlet to use his craft in his second passion, film. Most recently, Jordan has become the main brain behind EFI’s music.





Lee Garcia     director, writer, editor

Recent graduate of the University of New Orleans, Lee has produced short films that have enjoyed festival runs across the nation. Presently, he is diving into the New Orleans film industry and continuing to foster ambitions for his own work.







Matthew Martinez               actor, producer

Born and bred in  New Orleans, Matthew has been acting in films and theaters in the city for the past six years. He once read in a book that a person’s only obligation is to realize his own destiny.  He believes this to be true.






Cory Dumesnil     writer, “actor”, producerCoryEFI (1)

Wikipedia defines Cory as “Members of the South American Corydoras genus are freshwater temperate and tropical catfish in the armored catfish family.”  But this Cory is less fishish…fishy?  He is not a fish.  He writes comedy.