The Cinematic Ceremony [$1,800]

It’s your big day, let’s get it right. With our three camera system, we’ll catch every moment.

Wedding Shot 2


  • Deluxe-quality footage of the wedding ceremony, reception and behind-the-scenes
  • 3 videographers with cameras
  • 1 sound mixer (boom mic and sound recorder unit)
  • Professional-grade editing
  • Montages with musical accompaniment
  • 12 copies of the DVDs included
     *All packages include full crew through ceremony and reduced crew through reception up to five hours. Negotiable pending circumstance.*

Additional Services

Lavalier Mics $79 per mic:

These personal mics will capture every word, breathe, and giggle. These are essential for  capturing pristine sound, especially if the weddings taking place outdoors or in a location with poor acoustics. Traditional wedding coverage utilizing only a boom mic falls prey to the same risks as the ceremony itself- a plane overhead, a train going by, rude comments in the crowd from drunk aunt Ethel. But with lav mics we can get in closer than any boom mic could, as close as the lapel of the groom’s tuxedo.

Travel: (For outside of New Orleans-metro area)

We love to travel! Be it in state or outside the states. Having your wedding in an exotic location but worried about the videography market in Papa New Guinea? No problem! Travel fee TBD based on location.

Raw Wedding Footage:

Do you want every single moment from your wedding day? Not just the moments that make the cut? We’ll transfer it all to a hard drive (not provided) or burn it all to DVD’s for just $59  ($10 addtl fee for DVD’s)

Wedding Pre-Show: $99 per camera

A videographer will document the the pre-wedding preparations.

Documentary of your love: $449

An interview of the couple has them telling their story, intercut with photos from their past and footage of them today. (Includes documentary shoot with professional lighting and sound, and a special glamour video shoot)

Extra DVD’s: $3.50 per DVD

*Blu-Rays now available!*


Contact us today. We can even reserve your wedding last minute.

A wedding video from EFI means reliable, professional service, and it means your wedding day is preserved, crystal clear, forever.