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Let’s get the word out. Putting a video on your homepage can boost your internet search presence by as much as 70%.

Video marketing is the key to having a successful marketing presence. Use social media, use the internet, get people’s attention. Video is fast and accessible. It’s not just the future… it’s the present.

Why Use Videos in Your Business Promotion?

Videos are an increasingly popular way to learn about products, find information, and be entertained online. Next to Google, more people turn to YouTube for their answers than any other search engine.  And this trend will only continue to grow.

By including videos in your business strategy, you expose your business to a larger audience and engage that audience far more effectively than with traditional advertisement.

Promo for “Geaux New Year”:

“King & Queen Emporium” Commercial:

“Mountain Light Sanctuary” Video Tour:

Types of Video Marketing

Most business-owners are familiar with commercials; however, focusing on this single video promotion style will limit opportunities to reach your ideal client. Instead, you should embrace a more holistic approach that includes some of the following:

  1. Commercials – They show your customer why they can’t live without you in one minute or less. They’re everywhere- TV, Online, even at the gas pump. They can be informative, funny, provocative; a commercial is how you introduce yourself to the world. We’re like a dating website trying to hook up you and your clients. With our help, you’ll be making sweet, sweet…business before you know it.
  2. Client testimonials - We live in the Amazon review, Angie’s List age. Todays consumers are curious about how previous clients liked your businesses. Testimonial videos are an ideal way to position your most avid clients in front of prospective clients. Testimonials foster trust and give the low down on your business’ practices and services.
  3. Informational/educational videos – These types of videos are used to teach your clients the information they need to know to make an educated and smart decision. This style empowers your audience and increases your authority in their eyes.
  4. Product spotlight/demo videos – Product demo videos are a great way to showcase your products and prove its usability, uniqueness, and superiority.
  5. Interviews – Not all videos need to pertain directly to your business to be productive. Sometimes reaching out to complimentary services that your ideal client might use is an effective way to get your message out. Interviews provide the option to network with other companies and organizations while broadening your potential audience.
  6. Video blogging – This style of video is content-focused and strives to answer the questions that your ideal clients are asking. Instead of reading about how your product/service can solve their problem, they can watch a video that explains just that.
  7. Behind-the-scenes/staff videos – These offer your potential clients a little peek into how you operate, they can get to know the team that will be taking care of them, and feel more comfortable with your company. When they finally walk into your door, they’ll know exactly what to expect.
  8. Fun/personal videos – Similar to the behind-the-scenes videos, fun/personal videos make your prospective clients feel at ease. These videos, when done correctly, have the potential to go viral on popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You’d be surprised with how well your audience will respond to a more personal and humanizing side of your company.

It’s a lot of options, we know. But remember: the more diverse your strategy, the greater your opportunity for succeeding and finding what works.

Our commercial video services start under $300. Contact us to discuss pricing and the video promotion strategies that are best suited for you and your business.